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Fraaz application Empty Fraaz application

Post by fraaz on Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:32 pm

When you submit a white list application include the following information:

EXACT in game name: Fraaz

EXACT in guild name: Academy of Arcane Arts

Steam ID:


RP community experience: 4 years

Also be sure to read the FAQ:

After submitting your application you will need to answer a series of questions that will test your knowledge of the rules. Please include the answers in your application post. I hope you enjoy the server!

If you have submitted your whitelist app, re-read the rules and answer the questions below.

1. When are you allowed to use siege weapons on the bases on the bridge of the castle, and the castle?
at anytime, it is a pvp zone meant for combat

2. It is currently 2AM CST and you find a base made out of tier 3 wood. You realize that the player is offline. What are the rules regarding breaking into this base?
a player must be online to attack it, or the base must have been deemed inactive (no additions or improvements for over a week)

3. A group of men just killed your friend because he would not give up his gear. You know where they live, you have siege weapons ready, and the men to fight them. These men are not on the no siege list. What must you do before you attack using your siege weapon?
you must give the defending players a 10 minute warning in call caps and take a screen shot to show that they replied and are online prior to attack


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Fraaz application Empty Re: Fraaz application

Post by [GM] Fraccas on Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:37 pm

Accepted. 4/18/15
[GM] Fraccas
[GM] Fraccas

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