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Post by [MOD]ParkerBlast on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:50 am

This is the Reign of Kings Fraccas RP server FAQ

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Q: Can I kill sleepers?
A: Yes! Sleepers are fair game.

Q: Can I kill on sight (includes, capturing, attacking, and threatening)?
A: No!!! You must talk to someone before engaging in hostile activity.

Q: Can I destroy a crest/raid a base?
A: Only if you can get inside and reach the crest without siege weapons.

Q: How do I use siege weapons correctly.
A: You must make sure the person you wish to attack is online, and you give them a 10 minute warning. Then you can attack away!

Q: What happens to someone who doesn't follow these rules?
A: INSTABAN!! (jk. It depends on the offense.)

Q: Is there a fighting arena?

Q: How do I get the custom tag on my name?
A: Every Friday there is a tournament, the winner gets custom nametag.

Q: Who are the Admins/Mods?
A: [Admin]Fraccas, [MOD]Thaox, [MOD]iRish.

Q: Who are the Admins/Mods of the Forums?
A: [Admin]ParkerBlast, [Admin]Fraccas, [Mod]Heisenberg, [Mod]Thaox.

Q: What is the direct server connection info?

Q: What is the direct server connection info?

Q: What is the official email address?

Happy Playing!

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