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WarTime.cs Updates Empty WarTime.cs Updates

Post by [GM] Fraccas on Mon May 18, 2015 8:54 pm

WarTime.cs 0.3

// User can set wartime, and pvp off/on after restart by default in cfg
// Siege Weapons now do 0 damage when used during peace times
// Treb no longer bugs out, and does 0 damage during peace times (can't kick/ban attacker though)
// Added a timer to wartime and pvptoggle in the cfg file. This is in seconds. Leave at zero for no timer.
// Toggle pvp no longer affects AI damage

Use the same link you used before to download the plugin. If you do not have the link please request it from me in steam.

Next tasks for WarTimes:
Crest Protection
Base Ownership fixes
More Admin slots, and limited admin powers
Adding groups that can be sieged
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