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NLR (New life rule) Empty NLR (New life rule)

Post by Jxckster on Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:00 pm

(I do not know if this rule is intentionally not on the server I am just assuming it has not yet been added)

I feel this being a role-play server it should have one of the most basic rules. New Life Rule, this meaning once died you cannot return to the scene of your death for an amount of time (say 5-15 minutes?). This would make it much more fair for smaller guilds when facing against guilds of up to 10 people. Even if a the players in the small guild are far more skilled than the opposing guild they will still lose due to the constant wave of people returning to the fight.

This would also fall under the Throne, Once a king is killed he cannot retake the kingdom for a decent amount of time (1-6 hours?).

This would also ESPECIALLY enforce no returning to a raid/siege once you have died there (Cannot return until its over). Also if you have failed a siege on someones base then you may not attack for a long amount of time (12-24 hours?).


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NLR (New life rule) Empty Re: NLR (New life rule)

Post by [GM] Fraccas on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:50 am

We have considered this and we thought about adding it but it would be very hard to enforce. Also, I know many people on this server would probably wait like 6 mins and then hop back into the fight and claim they waited 10 mins.

Also, when your base is being destroyed by siege it would be hard to tell someone that they have to wait 10 mins before they can return to fighting. They would have to sit there and watch their base get burned to the ground.

I personally would like to see it added and we will continue to find a way to work it into the server in somehow.
[GM] Fraccas
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