Hacker Attack 3/31/15 (Pink Players)

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Hacker Attack 3/31/15 (Pink Players)

Post by [GM] Fraccas on Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:32 pm

If you were on around 11:00 PM (US CEN) then you know about the "Pink Hacker" who changed everyone's name, color, and wiped their inventories. He also stripped me and the mods of admin power.

Everything has been fixed. If you have been turned pink and do not want to be pink be speak with me in game and I can give you a Potion of Appearance to change you back.

Players only lost what they had on their body by this hacker. All of your bases and chests are fine.

Because of this incident, and the numerous other, we will likely whitelist the server within the next two weeks. If you would like to be white-listed then please make a post under the WhiteList section on the forums.

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