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Roles/Factions/World map orientation/economy Empty Roles/Factions/World map orientation/economy

Post by Shak404 on Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:18 pm

I haven't been approved yet, but I wanted to trow in my 2 cents aniway, so here it is:

As mentionned in my whitelist application, I don't have alot of RP being me, but i've been looking at a couple of RPservers forums today and found some pretty interesting thing that might help people like me to immerse themselve more easily.

1. Factions and roles.
I don't think that forcing people to choose a specific roles is such a good thing, but I do think that offering some choices and guidelines could be great. For example you can check ConquestRP steam discussion here: steamcommunity .com/app/344760/discussions/4/611702631218256812/ . Maybe we could get something similar, but not so restrictive.(?)

From that same link you can see they have 2 main factions (basically the king's one, and the demon king's one) who are making war to each other. I think's that's great as it gives more depth to the gameplay. So that's also something I,d like to know how you guys feel about.

2. Economy.
I've seen this, but can't remember where exactly; They're planning on introducing a actual 'money ressource' in their server. Again I think it would add a whole new dimension to the game as trader would be able to sell theyr stuff at different prices, thus making some king of competition between them. A admin ( or someone that is trustworthy ) could also act as some sort of bank.

3. World map.
That's really a minor thing, but I've seen a world map made by some dude on the steam game artwork page; ( I can't send external link, but it's pretty easy to find, it's like the third or 4th latest artwork.
I think if we could agreed to use this map as a reference it would be nice as we could actually refer to 'north, south, east and west' instead of always refering to the king's castle and 'left and right'.

Optionnaly this map is great for starters as it is kinda hard to find a specific places ( beside the king's castle ) when you play the game for the first time.


So guys, what do you think? Are these ideas any good?
I'll be waiting for your feedback as I do think they have some kind of potential.


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Roles/Factions/World map orientation/economy Empty Re: Roles/Factions/World map orientation/economy

Post by [MOD] iRish on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:21 pm

The factions and roles portion isn't really what we're going for on the server. It's more of a light RP server that focuses on open world interaction rather than a flexible script. If you hadn't played on the server before the wipe, there were two strong factions that were more or less fighting over the control of the central area of the island. I don't think identifying and isolating players into two different groups is really the aim of the server either. I do like the idea of a protagonist and antagonist though, so we'll take that into further discussion. If the map is a helpful tool for starters and in game positional reference, please link it. Thanks for the submission!

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